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 Avid Trace has assisted thousands of victims in tracing and recovering stolen assets from cybercriminals, all around the world.

About Avid Trace:

Experts in Asset Recovery and Financial Crime Intelligence

For many years, the Avid Trace company has been investigating and tracking down notorious cybercrime syndicates all around the world. We are fully staffed with the best private investigators and attorneys in the industry to pursue all kinds of scams. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in assets for our clients who had been swindled through either investment fraud, fake crypto trading groups, romance scams or identity theft.


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Awards & Recognitions

Avid Trace is trusted and recognised by leading state, federal and international law enforcement agencies.

Philippines Police Honor

Awarded multiple Plaques of Appreciation by the Philippines National Police, Anti-Cybercrime Group

Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission

Certificate of Appreciation by the CSE as a subject matter expert

Our Practice Areas

We have the expertise and proven track record of success

Cryptocurrency Tracing

Thanks to a global team of private investigators and blockchain engineers, as well as extensive relationships with international law enforcement agencies, we have the ability to trace cryptocurrency transactions anywhere in the world. Many crypto exchange platforms and decentralised finance firms demand identity verification information (KYC) when creating accounts. If a scammer has used such services for cryptocurrency dealings, this personal data can be accessed with a civil subpoena or criminal warrant.

Asset Recovery

By presenting air-tight evidence, surveillance and legal expertise, we can locate concealed assets or hidden funds and prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction. We have also built an alert and dedicated team that ensures every case is dealt with utmost urgency, and a methodical approach.

Covert Surveillance & Tracking

Over the years, our strategic intelligence has led to many raids, seizures and arrests of internet fraudsters across multiple global jurisdictions. This has been made possible due to our use of high-tech tracking techniques and long-standing relationships with international and local law enforcement agencies.

Our Clients' Stories

“They are the absolute best in asset recovery and cybercrime investigations. Had my entire life savings stolen by a sham bitcoin investment company. With the help of Avid Trace, I got my funds and sanity returned. I will never stop telling people about them!”

Shaun Schmidt

“I lost $80,000 in a fake crypto trading platform. Luckily, someone on Twitter told me about Avid Trace and I engaged their team for help. We eventually traced the money to some fraudsters in Cambodia and had their accounts frozen. Within a few weeks of legal proceedings, their banks returned the full sum back!”

Helen Abbott
San Francisco

“I was swindled of over £15,000 by someone I met on Instagram. I was so embarrassed and wanted to keep it a secret until I found out I could get my money back with Avid Trace. Didn’t take so long to have him arrested by the local authorities over in his country. And yes, I got my money back!”

Matt Townsend
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