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Cryptocurrency Tracing

Thanks to a global team of private investigators and blockchain engineers, as well as extensive relationships with international law enforcement agencies, we have the ability to trace cryptocurrency transactions anywhere in the world. Many crypto exchange platforms and decentralised finance firms demand identity verification information (KYC) when creating accounts. If a scammer has used such services for cryptocurrency dealings, this personal data can be accessed with a civil subpoena or criminal warrant.

Asset Recovery

By presenting air-tight evidence, surveillance and legal expertise, we can locate concealed assets or hidden funds and prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction. We have also built an alert and dedicated team that ensures every case is dealt with utmost urgency, and a methodical approach.

Covert Surveillance & Tracking

Over the years, our strategic intelligence has led to many raids, seizures and arrests of internet fraudsters across multiple global jurisdictions. This has been made possible due to our use of high-tech tracking techniques and long-standing relationships with international and local law enforcement agencies.


Yes. As long as you have evidence that you have been stolen from, we are committed to fighting for you. We work in cooperation with local, federal and international law enforcement to ensure this is possible.

Usually, the process of tracing, freezing, confiscating and returning stolen assets is a complex and lengthy one, as it involves multiple jurisdictions and is often complicated by technical, legal or political barriers. But our team is experienced in expediting such processes as we already have a long-standing relationship with a vast number of international and local law enforcement agencies. We assure you that successful results will be delivered in a timely manner.

We have a live chat tool on our website that is manned by our Response Team every hour of the day to receive all your complaints, free of charge. You can also reach out to us on our official email address here: hello@avidtrace.comĀ 

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